The Begining

When I first started thinking about making Camp Suburbia about a year ago, it seemed like a fun way to manifest my creativity, aesthetic enjoyment, and passion for various topics. I found myself considering who my audience would be, and how to become a successful blogger. But I quickly realized that was not an effective mind set to have. Why limit my creativity and content? Especially since I have no specific goal or project in mind.

Instead, I’ve decided to keep a sort of catalog for writing and art and whatever, that I like and care about. I’m not trying to broadcast pretentious, condescending or vitriolic opinions into the internet void. Nor is Camp Suburbia any kind of guide or place for advice, as I am not qualified as a professional in anything. I just created a place to bask in my interests and potentially share my enthusiasm for these amusements with others.

My posts share a monthly theme and will be uploaded every week (unless otherwise noted). March’s theme is “Fear”.

photo: Twin Peaks screenshot




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